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About Pelican, Alaska


Pelican, population 150, is located in the northern part of Southeast Alaska, on Chichigof Island.  It is 75 miles west of Juneau and 80 miles north of Sitka.   The setting in fjord-like Lisianski Inlet is one of the most picturesque in Southeast Alaska.  Summer temperatures can range from cool damp 50's to sunny 80's.   The surrounding area is old growth rain forest, and the spectacular West Chichigof / Yakobi Island Wilderness area begins just across the inlet from town.

Many locals enjoy kayak trips to Sitka, berry picking, beach combing, and camping on the outer coast.  A favorite activity is soaking in the White Sulfur Hot Springs, a natural hot tub located just a short skiff ride from town.  Pelican's main street is a boardwalk along which most of the houses and businesses cling.

Wildlife you might see are: Brown Bear, Sitka Black Tailed Deer, Marten, Mink, Sea and Land Otters, Sea Lions, Killer Whales, Bald Eagles, Kingfishers, Great Blue Heron, and other shore birds.  There are also many interesting plants and wildflowers to be found in the muskegs, old growth forest and on the bluffs near the ocean.  Seabirds, like Puffins, can be seen in Cross Sound.  Giant Alaskan King Salmon and trophy winning Halibut abound.  Float planes fly in daily and ferry from Juneau comes twice a month.  Pelican has a lot to offer the traveler looking for something different.  It is practically untouched by tourism.   The harbor is bustling with commercial fishing boats.  Pelican is the real Alaska.



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